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9 Creative Things to Do With Dried Roses So You Don’t Lose the Magic

Nothing is more lovely or romantic than a huge bunch of fresh roses. After all, the sweet scent and exquisite appearance of fresh rose petals say everything without you having to utter a single word. They’re an ideal present for loved ones, but unfortunately, roses do fade.

Thankfully, there are plenty of creative things to do with dried roses! If you want to add beauty and elegance to your home, don’t throw those blooms away! Here are nine beautiful ways to use dried roses and extend the joy they bring to your life.

Save Your Petals and Make Stuff

1. Rose Water

Do you know how to make rose water? It's simple to do it yourself and then use it as a facial toner or in a refreshing iced tea recipe. Why not use it as a stand-alone fragrance or get creative with it?

Here’s how to brew it:

  • Let your dehydrated flower petals steep in boiling water until they lose colour.

  • Once cooled to the perfect temperature, transfer them to a mason jar or similar container.

  • Leave them in the sun for several hours.

Voila! You now have rose water that you can use or consume for up to a month!

2. Potpourri

When thinking of creative ideas for dried rose petals, many people jump at potpourri. It adds a wonderful fragrance to any living space. It also gives people the ability to customize their desired aroma using different flowers and materials.

How do you make potpourri the easy way?

  • Combine your dried flowers with other spices like parsley, sage, and cinnamon in a dish or bag.

  • For maximum fragrance, you’ll want to keep the petals intact, so avoid crushing or grinding them where possible.

3. Cooking

Can you use dried roses for cooking? Aren't roses inedible? While you probably shouldn't eat rose petals directly, they're actually a great accent for different food items, especially drinks.

For example, you can add rose petals to your kombucha. We recommend a ratio of 1 tablespoon of dried rose petals for every 3 to 4 cups of kombucha following the first ferment. After the second ferment, remove the roses using a strainer and enjoy your tasty drink.

You can add dried roses to teas and use candied rose petals on gorgeous cakes!

Soak Up the Luxurious Natural Benefits of Rose Infusion

4, Bath Salts

Roses smell delightful, making them a perfect natural fragrance. So, a great way to rejuvenate your skin and make yourself literally smell like roses is to fashion homemade rose bath salts.

  • Gather your dried rose petals.

  • Mix them with Epsom salts.

  • Add other fragrances you adore, like essential oils or spices.

That’s all you need to enjoy the magic of your roses a little longer in a relaxing, blissful bath.

5. Face Mask

When considering creative things to do with dried roses, nobody immediately thinks of a face mask. But it is extremely simple to combine dried rose petals with white clay for a homemade face mask that smells fantastic!

Create your own special blend as follows:

  • Mix twice as much white clay as dried roses.

  • Slowly add water until a paste forms.

  • Smear the paste over your pores.

  • Let it dry for 10 to 20 minutes.

  • Wash it off gently with warm water and a clean cloth.

A rose-tinged clay mask is perfect for cleansing your skin and giving it a new shine.

6. Rose Oil

Everyone loves the aroma and luxuriousness of rose oil. You can incorporate it into lotions and body washes or use it as a stand-alone fragrance option.

Can you make rose oil at home? Yes, the process is incredibly straightforward.

  • Fill a mason jar or another container two-thirds of the way with your dried roses.

  • Pour in the olive oil (or your preferred oil). Stop when there’s an inch of oil above the petals.

  • Wait a few weeks.

  • Strain the jar to remove any solid material.

Then, decant your homemade rose oil into a clean new container and enjoy!

Make Your Roses the Gift That Keeps On Giving

7. Soap

It’s surprisingly easy to craft your own soap while reusing flower petals like roses. And everyone will adore the look and feel of this homemade, decorative soap in a bathroom or kitchen. All you have to do to make rose-infused soap is the following:

  • Place your dried roses in a container.

  • Fill it with a custom or store-bought glycerin-based solution.

That’s it! Once it dries and hardens, the brand-new soap is ready to use or slip into a thoughtful gift. When it comes to creative things to do with dried roses, gifts for family or friends top the list.

8. Candles

If you’re a fan of romance and beauty (who isn’t?), why not take your pressed flower petals and make homemade candles for stunning results? Place the petals into a wax solution, add any extra oils or scents you like, and enjoy!

9. Rose in a Frame

Are you interested in unique decor for your living space? Have you got some dried roses lying around? Frame them.

It is simple, easy, and a great way to save money on new decorations. Start by cleaning your flower bouquet, using high-quality hairspray to remove stubborn dirt or grime. Repeat the process for a few days to make sure they’re pristine, and then do the following:

  • Press the flowers into a two-dimensional shape without crushing them.

  • Arrange the flattened flowers into a pattern, or get creative.

It’s beautiful, unique, and a personalized gift idea too!

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