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Terms & Conditions



Welcome to Amarilis Flowers! By using the Amarilis Flowers site, Amarilis Flowers service, or other applications (including mobile apps) availed by Amarilis Flowers (collectively, the "Service"), you consent to being bound by these ("Terms") terms and conditions and privacy policy.

The Service is wholly owned/controlled by Amarilis Flowers ("Amarilis Flowers," "us," "we," or "our"). The Service is available on condition that you accept without modifying the terms, conditions, as well as notices contained herein. Your use and access of the Service means you acknowledge that you have fully read, understood, and agreed to comply with all the terms and conditions referenced/contained by these Terms, whether/not you choose to register as a site user. If you don't agree to the Terms & Conditions, you should not access/use the Service. Alternatively, you should discontinue access/use of the Service immediately.


The headings below are highlighted for convenience purposes only and shouldn't be mistaken to be an interpretation of rights and obligations that are set out herein. Amarilis Flowers may, in sole discretion, revise or modify these Terms & Conditions or any other policies at any time, and users will be assumed to be bound by those modifications or revisions. While we may notify you when making significant changes to these terms & conditions, you are expected to review the term periodically review to get the latest update.

Accounts, Eligibility, & Use of the Service

Our service is available to adults only individuals aged 18 years or older. Users who register to use our Service, warrant that they have met our age requirement.

To use some features, you should register with Amarilis Flowers and provide the required personal information as required by our service registration form. By registering, you attest that you have provided all the required registration information, and such information is truthful and accurate.

Users are required to maintain Account confidentiality by keeping their Account password safe and secure. Users are also fully responsible for any activities occurring under their accounts, including the financial responsibility linked to an Account's use i.e., account purchase and delivery of Amarilis Flowers goods/services.

Users are also responsible for losses associated with breach of account security, including credit card information. You agree to inform us immediately if you notice any unauthorized account use or breach of security. Amarilis Flowers won't be liable for losses or damage resulting from compliance failures. The above terms apply to every Service user, including content contributors.

Prohibited Use

As a user, you agree to refrain from collecting, using, or soliciting login credentials belonging to other Service users.


You are prohibited from creating accounts through unauthorized means, which includes but isn't limited to using automated devices, scripts, bots, spiders, crawlers, or scrapers. You aren't entitled to use data mining, robots, or other data gathering/extraction tools used to collect usernames, email addresses, among other data or content for unauthorized use, such as sending unsolicited emails.

You agree to not selling, transferring, licensing, or assigning your account, account rights, or username to a third party. You also agree that you won't create an account on behalf of anyone.

You are also prohibited from using this Service for illegal/unauthorized purposes. You agree to follow all federal, local, and state rules and regulations applicable and relating to the use of this Service.

You also agree to use the Service responsibly in a manner that doesn't stalk, harm, or harass others, impersonate others, or collect/store personal information belonging to others. You also agree to using this service as it is and refraining from attempting to alter or modify any part of this Service.


Intellectual Property

By using this service, you hereby acknowledge that Amarilis Flowers owns all legal rights, titles, and interests in this Services and its content without limitation.

All rights belong to any registered & unregistered trademarks (whether owned/licensed to us) appearing through the Service.

Our users are granted a limited license for accessing and making personal use of this Service. However, users shouldn't download (besides page caching) or modify the website, or any portions, without acquiring our express consent in writing.


Users who use our Service agree to gathering, using and disclosing certain information according to Amarilis Flowers's Privacy Policy. Please read Amarilis Flower's Privacy Policy to get more information on how and when we collect, use and/or disclose user information.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

Products and Pricing:

Every product listed in this Service, including their descriptions, and prices can change at any time. We have the right, to modify, discontinue or suspend sale of any products with/without notice. You agree that we, Amarilis Flowers won't be held liable by anyone for modifying, suspending, or discontinuing products. If a product features incorrect pricing or information linked to typos, pricing errors, or information received from suppliers, we have a right to accept or decline resulting orders whether/or not a user has been charged.


Orders are subject to being accepted. An order confirmation isn't a confirmation of a sale. We have the right to accept, cancel or decline orders partly or wholly for any reason. We may ask for additional information before accepting orders. You shouldn't consider an order accepted until we send you the shipping information. However, you agree that we can cancel orders at any time but won't charge your card for the canceling part of the order.

Payment terms:

You agree to pay the applicable price at the time of submitting an order, including any applicable delivery fees and taxes arising from purchasing a product. All payments aren't refundable unless we expressly state otherwise.

Delivery Policy:

We use third parties to fulfill orders. Amarilis Flowers offers shipping details for all orders. Those details include estimated delivery times. Amarilis isn't liable for any delays or problems linked to delivery of products. However, our third-party partners are encouraged to get in touch with us should they face any delays or other delivery issues. We take reasonable steps to sort out any delivery issues reported to us.


Return Policy:

Purchases are non-refundable: You shouldn't return any purchased product unless the product qualifies as damaged products, described below.

Exchanges: Amarilis Flowers doesn't accept Product exchanges.

Damaged Products: If you receive a product when it is damaged, we can provide replacements if you send an original picture of the damaged product to, and our support responds favorably via e-mail, confirming the product is indeed damaged.



We have official rules on special offers, discounts, contests, special offers, and sweepstakes that we encourage you to read carefully. Special offers, discounts, and coupons can't be used alongside other offers. You are limited to one promotion for every order.


Suspension, Conduct & Termination

Amarilis Flowers reserves the right to terminate or suspend you from using our services for whatever reason. If we terminate your access to our Service, you won't get access your account data. However, such data can continue appearing on the Service. However, all rights granted in these terms cease to exist upon termination of your account.

You are responsible for maintaining good conduct. Amarilis Flowers isn't responsible for other users' conduct. Amarilis Flowers has the right to be involved in dispute resolution between you and other users. In case of a dispute, you consent to releasing Amarilis Flowers and all officers, directors, affiliates, agents, employees, licensors, subsidiaries, and successors from damages or claims of all kinds that arise.

Linked Content

Users can access sites, products, services, and content offered by third parties via links available on the site. Any users of linked content understand the terms and conditions applicable to third-party providers. We aren't responsible for linked content, nor do we warrant or represent any linked sites or information. Users can link to our site (home page) but can't link in a manner that is unfair, illegal, or takes advantage of Amarilis Flowers' reputation.


Disclaimer of Warranties

Our Service is offered without conditions, representations, or warranties. Provision of warranties is subject to availability. By using our Service, you agree to the terms and content at your own risk. Amarilis Flowers doesn't make any warranties or representations that the Service or using the Service is a continuous, error-free, accurate, and uninterrupted process free of harmful codes like viruses or defects. We hereby exclude all warranties, conditions, and other terms that may be implied by regulation, statute, equity, or common law.


Limitation of Liability

Amarilis Flowers, affiliates, and licensors can't be held liable for damages you may suffer when using the Service. This includes mistakes in the content, injuries or damages to property linked to their products, and other issues linked to Amarilis Flowers. You agree that limitations and liability exclusions are a crucial part of your engagement with Amarilis Flowers and continue applying long after you stop procuring their service or stop your agreement.


You agree to indemnify Amarilis Flowers, stakeholders, and third parties from all/any claims, losses, actions, liabilities, and expenses including, legal and accounting fees linked to using the Service, breaches/violations of the above terms, and misrepresentations made by yourself.

Governing Law

These terms and use of this Service are governed as per Canadian laws and laws applicable to Ontario without regard to conflicting law principles. Users are fully responsible for compliance with these laws and others applicable to their jurisdiction.

Assignment & Severability

The Terms, rights, and licenses issued hereunder can't be transferred/assigned by a user. However, they can be assigned by us (Amarilis Flowers) without restriction. When any provision or parts contained in the above terms are rendered void or invalid by a court of law, such determinations don't affect remaining provisions.

Further Questions

If you wish to contact us to share your views on our terms, you can email us at

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