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Refund Policy

Amarilis Flowers Refund Policy Information

We know that life can be unpredictable and hectic at times. That's why we're always more than willing to reschedule your flower delivery for a time that makes total sense to you. If you decide that you'd prefer to cancel your delivery, we can provide you with a full refund as well. Refunds are available on all orders that haven't yet been picked up by customers.

If you've opted to pick up your order over getting it delivered, we can give you a full bouquet refund. We cannot, however, refund the fee for delivery.

If delivery of your order has been completed, we won't be able to cancel it. We won't be able to give you a refund for it, either.

Refunds typically take between four and six business days in total to process. Thank you for your patience.


Damaged Items

We work hard at Amarilis Flowers to make sure that our products all arrive to our valued customers in excellent condition. Certain factors, though, are sometimes out of our control. If an item you have ordered is damaged in any way, shape or form, we will offer you a replacement product. All you have to do is present us with a clear photograph of the damaged product in question. Simply email the image to our team at After we read your email message, we'll get back to you as soon as possible verifying your product's damaged status. We strive at Amarilis Flowers to get back to all our customers in a prompt and punctual manner no matter what. 

If you want to know more about our refund policy, drop us a line at any time for further information. You can reach our team at or 647-362-2451. We're on hand seven days a week.

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