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Tips for Caring and Maintaining the Freshness of Newly Delivered Flowers

Whether you receive flowers for a special holiday or for no reason at all, you want them to last as long as possible. At Amarilis Flowers, we know how to care for newly delivered flowers. Use the following strategies to maintain their freshness longer.

Remove Packaging Immediately

When you receive a fresh flower delivery, immediately remove the plastic wrapping and tissue paper. Also, remove any cards or mementos they came with. While these things are good tokens of affection, they don’t provide any benefit to your flowers.

Cut the Stems

You should cut the stems of newly arrived floral arrangements, including any leaves that end below the waterline after trimming the stem. Every time you change the water, cut at least a half-inch off the stems at a 45-degree angle.

Prune the Bad Parts

Just like pruning dead leaves off a tree improves tree health, removing dead leaves from newly delivered flowers can prolong their freshness. Look for darkening or fading portions of the flower before they become problematic. Dead flowers release an odourless gas that’s toxic to living flowers (but not dangerous to humans or animals in such small amounts).

Balance Sunlight

Did you know recently delivered bouquets can receive too much sun? Extreme or direct sunlight withers the petals more quickly and causes the formation of bacteria that could kill your flowers. Set your vase in a cool, slightly shaded part of your home for long-lasting and vibrant flowers.

Avoid Ripening Food

Setting your freshly cut flower delivery near ripening fruit or vegetables can shorten their lifespan. Ripening fruits release the same toxic gas as dying flowers, and many people keep their apples, bananas, and other fruit in a bowl on the counter or table. Keep your flowers a safe distance from them.

Use Clean Materials

When selecting a vase for your flowers, confirm that it’s clean, especially if you used soap to wash it. Also, use high-quality, warm water (which flowers absorb better than cold water) with as few minerals in it as possible. Using poor water can leave your flowers vulnerable to bacteria or fungus, and minerals can hinder the stem’s ability to absorb what it needs.

Monitor Water Levels

Monitor and change the water regularly when caring for newly received floral gifts. Do so as needed, but no longer than every three days. 

Don’t just add water. Empty and replace it.

Add Flower Food

Adding flower food to just-delivered flowers is the best way to ensure they last a long time. Flower food mimics the plant’s natural environment and grants it essential nutrients it loses when plucked from the soil.

Get Fresh Flowers at Amarilis Flowers

At Amarilis Flowers, we know how to maintain the health of your flowers and can even teach you how to rejuvenate wilting flowers. When only newly delivered flowers will do for that special someone, you won’t find a wider range of options or higher quality. You might even qualify for free delivery!

To choose the best flowers and schedule delivery, call (833) 569-3799 today.

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