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7 Tips to Send Flowers on a Budget

Updated: Nov 17, 2023

Sending flowers is a great way to show someone you care, whether for a birthday or anniversary. But buying flowers can also get expensive, especially for a special occasion that calls for a large, elaborate bouquet. The good news is that there are ways to send beautiful flowers without breaking the bank. Here are seven tips to help you send flowers on a budget:

1. Shop Online for Flower Deals

Many online flower delivery services, like Amarilis Flowers, run regular sales and promotions that allow you to save money on floral arrangements and bouquets. Sign up for email newsletters to notify you of upcoming deals or coupon codes. You can often save 10-25% off flowers ordered online and get free delivery the same day.

2. Order Well in Advance

If you know of an occasion you'll need flowers for, order them 1-2 weeks early. The closer it gets to a holiday or event, the more expensive flowers become in high demand. Calling ahead of time allows you to beat the last-minute flower rush.

3. Buy Seasonal Flowers

Flowers currently in season are abundant, so they usually cost less. Tulips and daffodils are plentiful in spring, while sunflowers and zinnias are bountiful in summer. Ask your florist what flowers are in season for the best deals. Staying in season can save you money.

4. Opt for Fewer Flowers

You don't always need a dozen roses or a massive bouquet to make an impact. Sometimes, a petite arrangement of just a few stems in a vase can be as beautiful. The smaller the flower assortment, the lower the price. So opt for fewer flowers of higher quality over a large quantity of cheap flowers.

5. Buy Local

Support your local florists and flower shops, which often have great deals on locally grown flowers and arrangements. Shopping with local businesses keeps money in the community. Many offer discounts or loyalty rewards programs for regular customers.

6. Reuse Flowers from Your Garden

If you have flowering plants, cut a few stems and bring them inside to enjoy. Or plant some annuals that rebloom reliably, like marigolds, zinnias, cosmos or snapdragons, so you'll have free flowers to cut all season. Take inventory of what's blooming in your garden before buying flowers.

7. Send Potted Plants Instead of Cut Flowers

Potted flowering plants often cost the same or less than a bouquet but last longer. Opt for orchids, azaleas, chrysanthemums or cyclamen plants that the recipient can enjoy for weeks versus cut flowers that wilt within a week. Many online flower shops offer cut and potted plants at affordable prices.


You don't need an unlimited flower budget to send someone beautiful blooms. With a little strategic planning and cost-conscious flower buying, you can find fabulous flowers on any budget. Use tips like ordering ahead, buying seasonal, selecting potted plants and DIY'ing your arrangements. The flowers you send will still brighten someone's day without overspending.

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