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How to Arrange Flowers in Simple Steps?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Flowers do wonders in brightening a living space. A well-made flower arrangement will add a complementary pop of color to any room and fill it with a wonderful fragrance. Creating beautiful arrangements is an artful talent, but you can learn how to arrange flowers with the right guide.

The creative and skilled florists at Amarilis Flowers have years of experience making gorgeous floral arrangements for any room's decor or special occasion. If you're ready to learn how to create floral arrangements, read our simple step-by-step guide below.

How to Create Floral Arrangements

1. Choose the Perfect Flowers

Before learning how to arrange flowers, you must know what plants to use for your bouquet or vessel. Choosing in-season flowers is always best because they'll be in full bloom and usually cost less. For instance, peonies, sweet peas, and hyacinths are perfect for spring arrangements, while camellias, stargazer lilies, and poinsettias are best for the winter.

2. Gather Your Materials

Besides flowers, you'll also need a clean vessel like a basket or vase to hold the arrangement. Other materials you might need are:

  • Floral tape to hold tall flowers together

  • A sharp knife or scissors to cut the flower stems

  • Chicken wire or floral foam to hold flowers in wide vessels

  • Water

  • Plant food

3. Arrange the Flowers in Your Vase

Prepare your flowers by snipping their stems diagonally with a knife or scissors so that they absorb water quickly and remain fresh longer. Also, cut any leaves that would sit below the water level in the vase. Depending on the depth of your vessel, you might need to cut your plants short.

If you're using foam to hold your flowers in place, cut it to fit the container and soak it in water for 15 minutes. Secure the wet foam or chicken wire in place with floral tape.

Insert the flowers into the vessel while cris-crossing the stems to form a base and using odd numbers for each layer of flowers you make. Be sure to spread out your focal flowers, which you want to stand out. Smaller secondary flowers go in next.

4. Feed Your Plants

If you don't use floral foam, you'll need to add water mixed with plant food into the container. Fill the vase halfway with water and dissolved plant food, or use the preservation liquid that comes with your plants.

5. Add Leaves, Greenery, or Berries

Complete your floral arrangement with decorative greenery, berries, or leaves after arranging your focal and secondary flowers in their new container. The decorations give the arrangement texture and color. They also help the flowers look fuller.

Get Beautiful Floral Arrangements from Amarilis Flowers

The creative florists at Amarilis Flowers know how to make flowers perfect for any occasion. From weddings to graduations to romantic gestures, our lovely arrangements and bouquets have vibrant colors, fresh flowers, quality vessels, and the best layouts to enhance the natural beauty of each plant.

Save time and enjoy free delivery on a flower arrangement with Toronto's Amarilis Flowers by calling (833) 569-3799.


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