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How to Choose the Right Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquet 

If you want to express your love to someone special, rose flowers rarely disappoint. They have stood the test of time and continue to leave lasting impressions. Unfortunately, choosing the right flowers doesn’t come easy. 

The perfect bouquet requires some effort. If you need guidance on how to choose the right Valentine’s Day rose bouquet, look no further. Our florists at Amarilis Flowers offer the following tips on making your Valentine’s Day bouquet selection seamless. 

Unleash Your Imagination 

A few special touches will make your bouquet exceptional. For example, ask the florist to add tags or ribbons. While you’re at it, include a Valentine’s Day gift or a couple of sweets with your bouquet to make it stand out from the crowd.

Consider Allergies 

If your loved one has allergies, exercise caution when choosing blooms. Establish whether they have allergies ahead of time to avoid complications. You want to steer clear of flowers that may aggravate allergies, like sunflowers, hyacinths, and chrysanthemums. 

Remember the Packaging and Arrangement 

Packaging and arrangement determine your bouquet’s overall appearance. Choose creative packaging such as burlap or paper. Why not add a touch of glamour with ribbons, confetti, or balloons?

Baskets and small vases will also help you create a unique floral arrangement. 

Don’t Stick to Just Roses 

While you can never go wrong with popular Valentine’s blooms like red, pink, yellow, lavender, or white roses, consider something more eye-catching. For example, try to find out your loved one’s favourite flowers in advance. 

Still wondering how to choose the right Valentine’s Day rose bouquet? Pick blooms that reflect the recipient’s favourite colours and scents. 

You can also mix roses with other flowers. For example, roses and sunflowers make a wonderful combination symbolizing love. 

Have no idea where to start? Seek inspiration from the following flower-buying tips, or ask your florist to help you choose a beautiful flower combination and arrange it perfectly. 

Choose the Right Florist 

The right florist will help you find the perfect Valentine’s Day roses. You want an experienced florist who can provide quality blooms and excellent customer service. Seek recommendations from family and friends and check reviews before settling on a particular florist. 

Plan Ahead of Time 

Planning for your bouquet in advance helps ensure you have a stress-free special day. Consider just about everything you can, including the type of bouquet, when you pick them up or have them delivered, and much more. 

Florists typically have busy schedules on Valentine’s Day, so be sure to order your bouquet well in advance to avoid disappointment. 

Find the Perfect Valentine’s Day Rose Bouquet With Amarilis Flowers 

With proper tips on choosing the right Valentine’s Day rose bouquet, you can express your love with Amarilis Flowers. Our Toronto flower shop boasts highly trained florists who can help you assemble an elegant bouquet for your Valentine. Count on us for top-quality flowers, decorations, and bespoke floral arrangements.


Call Amarilis Flowers at (833) 569-3799 to order your next Valentine’s Day rose bouquet and enjoy free delivery.


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