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Quick Guide to Buying Funeral Flowers the Right Way

There must be a reason that people have always sent flowers after the death of a loved one. A beautiful bouquet expresses so much, offering condolences, comfort, and a reminder that there is still beauty in the world for the bereaved. But where do you begin when selecting funeral flowers that lift spirits and honour someone’s life and legacy?

This guide to buying funeral flowers will help you understand how to choose the right flowers, especially if you've never had the privilege to do so before.

Are There Religious or Cultural Factors Involved?

You absolutely need to keep in mind the deceased's religion and culture when picking funeral flower arrangements. In many cases, what's ideal and beloved in one particular tradition is offensive and degrading to another. That's why it's important that you understand the subtleties involved before casually choosing funeral flowers.

For example:

  • Roman Catholics, Protestants, and Orthodox Christians typically don't have any rules about the types of flowers to use for funeral services. White roses are very common in Christian traditions, as they symbolize purity in the deceased's new life to come. Greek Orthodox Christians especially love white flowers for funerals.

  • In Judaism, it's not common to use flowers for a funeral at all. Instead, they prefer flowers to be sent to the family directly. The private setting is more appropriate for gifts.

  • When it comes to Islam, the role of flowers in funeral services varies widely. Depending on their specific Islamic tradition, some Muslims love floral decorations at funerals, while others do not. Speak with the bereaved to clarify their personal preference.

  • Those following the Hindu tradition usually prefer garlands and ornaments to floral bouquets.

  • Many Asian cultures cherish chrysanthemum flowers.

But choosing the right types of flowers isn't just about religion. Some cultures designate specific colours and styles for funerals, while others might prefer flower-free funerals. In any case, you can't go wrong asking the deceased's loved ones about their personal preferences or expectations.

How Did You Know the Deceased?

No guide to buying funeral flowers would be complete without explaining how your proximity to the deceased should heavily affect your flower choice. Were you close? A bigger, fancier floral arrangement will showcase how much you care for them.

An immediate family member, like a sibling or spouse, will usually choose either a wreath or a casket spray to symbolize the close bond. Extended family, like cousins, uncles, aunts, and in-laws, might proffer a simpler but still wonderful standing spray.

Are you a friend or colleague? Consider basket arrangement bouquets, single-flower arrangements, or a flower vase bouquet. In some cases, the bereaved family will appreciate several live plants to beautify the funeral venue or their home as they grieve, so do what feels right.

The Type of Funeral Service Makes a Difference

What kind of funeral service is it? Is there even a formal gathering taking place? Before passing away, the deceased might have specified that they wanted particular decor or indicated that they preferred cremation over burial.

Other times, the family might take charge of choosing the type of service, whether it’s a wake, a celebration of life, or a traditional funeral. Check before you purchase flowers so that you are aware of the funeral's colour scheme and select flowers that will be a gift rather than a nuisance. If those who are grieving would prefer to receive donations or other gifts in lieu of flowers, you'll want to know beforehand.

Picking the Right Kind of Flowers Requires the Right Focus

You've considered your relationship with the deceased, their faith tradition, and the type of funeral service to expect. So, how can you choose which types of funeral flowers you want to send?

The first step is to relax and remember why you’re thinking about the flowers. Honouring someone’s life is the main focus and far more important than selecting a bloom from a catalogue. From there, you can start to think about how to express what you want to say.

Some Ideas for the Funeral Bouquet

One touching way to honour the person who's passed away is to craft a bouquet or arrangement that pays tribute to their unique qualities or demonstrates something special you loved about them. Was their favourite colour red? Choose some vibrant, luscious red roses.

You could also consider customizing a floral arrangement that says something about what the flower represents. For example, ivy blossoms denote everlasting loyalty. Lilies of the Valley embody the restoration of joyfulness.

Perhaps, the most moving of all the plant-based messages are hybrid tea roses. They portray commemoration and loyalty towards one's legacy, even after death. Blue and turquoise flowers represent specific ideas—calm, peace, serenity, and rest—while white flowers embody purity and rebirth.

However, while most flowers work for funerals, you'll want to avoid green flowers. These represent good luck and health in many cultures, which isn’t appropriate in this setting.

Purchasing Your Flowers

Before acquiring flowers, chat with the funeral establishment. What are their guidelines and restrictions concerning floral displays? Do they have explicit safety regulations for vases,

which could spill or shatter?

Visit your local floral shop, and ask for an expert florist's advice to pick the right styles, colours, and types of flowers. Also, consider a note to go with your flowers. If you have something sweet and kind to say, it’s always okay to say it!

You can also order flowers online, as online floral shops like Amarilis Flowers are an extremely popular and convenient choice for sending flowers straight to a funeral home.

Why Not Include Others?

One last possibility is to widen the circle. Are there others who might like to participate in a group tribute alongside you? Think about associates, social circles, or institutions that might collaborate to create a grander or more prominent arrangement to pay homage to the departed.

After reading this guide to buying funeral flowers, we hope you’ll feel more confident in picking the right way to show you care. Do you want the best fresh flowers in Toronto, CA? Visit Amarilis Flowers online or call (833) 569-3799 today!


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