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7 Easy Ways to Express Your Emotions With Flower Bouquets

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Floral bouquets are a traditional gift for several occasions, like an anniversary or Valentine's Day. Still, you can take this traditional gift and make it more meaningful by expressing your emotions with flower bouquets.

At Amarilis Flowers in Toronto, we know that giving someone a stunning floral arrangement can be more than a lovely centrepiece. Whether you want to express your feelings to a loved one on special occasions or use flowers to express how you're feeling in the spur of the moment, use our guide to make your floral selections easier.

1. Love

People often enjoy receiving flowers because they assume the bouquet symbolizes love. Still, you can solidify your loving intentions by sending red flowers representing romance and passion like red roses. Red is the colour of love because of its connection to the heart and desire, so use flowers in that colour scheme to proclaim your love to someone.

2. Congratulations

Pink is another colour of love because of its closeness to red. It also means loyalty, celebration, and friendship. Express your emotions with flower bouquets using pink blooms, like dahlias and peonies, to congratulate a friend on a promotion, graduation, or another celebratory event.

3. Happiness

To convey happiness and gratitude to a loved one, be sure to have yellow flowers for your bouquet. Bright, vibrant flowers like sunflowers, Glycines, and Begonias can easily brighten a room. The Glycine is the perfect flower to incorporate into your floral arrangement if you want to express your happiness over your connection to someone.

4. Sympathy

Selecting the proper flowers is important if you need to communicate your sadness and sympathy to someone dealing with a major loss. The best choice is to send your loved one or colleague a bouquet of white roses to show your concern about their loss and to offer compassion. Other perfect flowers representing sympathy are lilies, orchids, and carnations in white.

5. Positivity

You can also compliment your friends and family members and uplift them through your floral arrangement choice. For example, people often use lilies to say that the recipient's presence makes them happy. The vibrancy of the gerbera sends a message of positivity.

6. Apology

Floral arrangements do more than express happy feelings. If you're regretful of something and want to apologize to a loved one, pick a bouquet with blue hyacinths. These flowers signify peace, showing that you're willing to make peace with a loved one after an argument.

Pink roses or pink carnations are other options for an apology bouquet. These lovely blooms can embody friendship and affection.

Express Your Feelings with Amarilis Flowers

No matter what you wish to say to a friend, relative, or partner, you can express your emotions with flower bouquets from Amarilis Flowers. Our Toronto flower shop has a crew of highly trained florists with the expertise to assemble beautiful tailor-made floral arrangements and bouquets using top-quality flowers, greenery, and decorations.

Call Amarilis Flowers at (833) 569-3799 to order your next meaningful bouquet and save on free delivery.


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