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Can Flower Decor Benefit Hotels and Restaurants

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Do you run a hospitality business and wonder, "Can flower decor benefit hotels and restaurants?" Amarilis Flowers in Toronto provides stunning flower arrangements. Keep reading to discover how popular floral arrangements can benefit your hospitality business.

Floral Arrangements Benefit Your Business

When you integrate floral designs into your hospitality business, it gains the following benefits:

Improves Guest Experience

Fresh flowers can subtly enhance your customer's overall experience by evoking different moods with various arrangements. For example, a neutral colour palette helps guests feel calm and at ease, while bright flowers can increase energy and create a fun and sociable atmosphere.

No matter what emotion you choose to manifest, it improves the overall experience your guests have.

Increases Air Quality

Fresh flowers can clean the air of pollutants and make it smell fresher. You should stay considerate of potential allergies among your guests, so use them in moderation, but overall, your guests will love the smell and clean air.

Improves Branding

You can incorporate flowers into your branding, especially when you choose arrangements that highlight your brand's colours or style. If your hotel or restaurant is promoting a special occasion, such as a grand opening or important anniversary, you can subtly incorporate your branding into the floral design.

Reduces Stress

Can flower decor benefit hotels and restaurants? Yes, and one of the biggest ways they do so is by reducing stress.

According to several studies, smelling flowers releases hormones that reduce both stress and anxiety. Many people also smile whenever they see a floral arrangement, and that simple act can make you happier overall and boost your mood.

Improves Productivity

Employees who regularly work around floral arrangements often feel happier and know their employee cares about them. Because they reduce stress and improve enthusiasm, using floral arrangements in your hospitality business can improve your employee's productivity, satisfaction, and loyalty.

Increases Curb Appeal

If you place floral arrangements outside your building or in your windows, it increases your curb appeal. Not only does this improve your building's estimated value, but it also enhances your customer's and competitor's perceptions of your brand.

Popular Flower Arrangements for Hotels and Restaurants

  • Two-dimensional arrangements: These arrangements are perfect for reception areas. When you vary the heights of your arrangements to provide a different experience depending on the viewing angle, it provides a great welcoming experience for your guests.

  • Coffee Table arrangements: Whether it's in the waiting room, the lobby, or individual hotel rooms, coffee tables offer an excellent opportunity for floral arrangements. It adds to the relaxed feel of these areas and helps guests feel like they can engage in conversation.

  • Flower centrepieces: Perfect for dining tables, centrepieces enhance the eating experience subtly with romance and luxury without interfering with the meal.

  • Large and luxurious arrangements: An excellent option for hotel lobbies, oversized flowers show guests you're a stylish and luxurious place that can enhance their social status.

Concluding Words

So, can flower decor benefit hotels and restaurants? Absolutely! When you work with Amarilis Flowers, you gain access to some of the most beautiful floral arrangements in Toronto. Call today at (833) 569-3799.

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